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Atlantis Hotel in Corfu Town

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Enjoy your stay at Atlantis Hotel in Corfu Town, ideal for business and leisure travellers. If you are looking for Corfu Hotels, Atlantis Hotel in Corfu Town (Kerkyra) is one of the best choices for relaxing and memorable holidays. The Atlantis Hotel in Corfu Town is comprised of rooms and apartments offering high-quality accommodation next to the commercial and historical center of the island, making it one of the most convenient Corfu Town Hotels.

We will be glad to welcome you at the Atlantis Hotel in Corfu operating all year round and being one of the best Corfu Town Hotels ideal for business and leisure travellers.

The Atlantis Hotel Corfu apartments and rooms are located just opposite the new Corfu port, making it the hotel nearest to this important transportation hub and one of the most convenient Corfu Town Hotels.

The Atlantis Hotel is also at close proximity to the center of Corfu Town (Korfu), the capital of the island with the marvellous alleys, the wonderful sights and busy market. Its superb location, in combination with its excellent Corfu accommodation and facilities, place it among the finest Corfu Town hotels.

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Corfu Town, Corfu Island (Korfu)

Corfu Town (Kerkyra Town) is the capital of the island and is characterized mainly by its exquisite European ambience due to the influences of the various European cultures which have had a profound impact on the town's architectural features. It is considered one of the most charming cities in the Mediterranean and is a very popular resort for both Greek and foreign tourists. Visitors can take a stroll through the town and admire the picturesque alleyways and the Venetian style buildings, such as the two fortresses that are the trademark of the capital. Corfu Town has an abundance of entertainment venues and is well known for the philharmonic orchestra concerts performed in the town's beautiful main square.

Corfu (Korfu), Greece

Corfu (Korfu), Greece
Corfu (Korfu) Island is considered one of the prime vacation resorts world-wide, attracting thousands of visitors every year. The island is distinguished by both traditional Greek and European characteristics, which have influenced Corfu's physical appearance and culture as well as the personality of the inhabitants. The island is verdant and has many lovely beaches ideal for swimming and sunbathing, while several areas offer magnificent sunset views. Corfu has played a major role in Greek history and therefore has many historical and religious sites to visit.